• 7000 olive trees on 27 ha
  • Ecological production
  • All olives are under the irrigation system by drops
  • The olive groves are under constant control of the agronomists
  • They are in great condition, they are developing remarkably well
  • Continuous soil monitoring is performed.
  • Akcent production is on autochthonous varieties such as Buža ženska vodnjanska, Buža puntoža, Karbonaca

The site has been renewed with 10 stone huts, 14 entrances with 22 heads, and 200 meters of drywall and most of the site is under the protection of the Roman Centurion. The olive groves existed there since the Roman times, from which time there were about 500 karbonace trees. As the site is in its full and intact nature, it abounds in wildlife, for which we have restored two ponds and eight troughs.

All of the olive groves are on a gentle slope, at a maximum height of 106 meters above sea level, with a fall of a minimum of 80 meters above sea level. Distance from the sea is 2.5 km with a view to the west side, which is always covered in sunshine. Water is pumped from our property from a depth of  160 meters, with a capacity of 2.5 cubic meters per hour. Watering is ecological and untreated and the underground water is pure. The earth is predominantly red with a large proportion of humus and calcium which is ideal for olive growing. The production is only monosort, for a better quality. We harvest at the end of September and at the beginning of October. In all of our oils, free fatty acids range from 0.11 to 0.15, which is among the top quality olive oils. In addition to the low levels of fatty acids, they are characterized by an extremely high level of polyphenols.